Since the giant jamboree is coming closer with every day, the diagnost-x team is getting prepared for the home straight!


Optimizing our sensors

Our Science team is working hard on developing our final test! We could show that our toehold switch is working perfectly fine in solution, and that in general toehold switches work on a membrane. But right now, we’re trying to get our toehold switch working on a paper strip. Of course, several question rise up with this challenge such as: Which static interactions could interfere with our sensor? And which material should we use for the paper strip? 

In addition to that, we’re still optimizing our algorithm which creates us our desired sensor sequence. We cannot get help from the published papers for this challenge, since the algorithm they used, was never published only its sequence results. Still we have not obtained the perfect algorithm for this task, but before finalizing the algorithm, we have to prove whether all of our already obtained sensors are constructed in the right way. 

As you can see, there are many more tasks to do, before we’re ready for the giant jamboree in November!


Augmented and Mixed Reality

It’s official now! Microsoft is supporting us with their Augmented and Mixed developer bundle reality glasses. These glasses bring people, places and objects from your physical surrounding and your digital world together. They enable you to visualize and work with digital content as part of your real world! Not only that these glasses are great fun, but they can be extremely important for our project and in the fight against the tapeworm! 

Why is that? First of all, it gives us the possibility to train new team members in a very efficient way, since they can surf into the lab without the need of several supervisors. Being trained in pipetting complex cell free expression systems is expensive and time-consuming - but not with these glasses! In reality they’re just pipetting water into cups, but for them it seems as they are pipetting PCRs or cell free expression systems and thereby they’re getting prepared for the real complex lab procedures! Furthermore, we can share our methods around the globe and help other scientists troubleshooting problems. By this, we can pass on our obtained knowledge to other countries, which do not necessarily have trained experts in this field.



The last crowdfunding video scenes are in the can and thanks to our special guests Pumba and Rosi we had great and enjoyable shooting days! On top of that, we used the opportunity - after almost a year - to shoot our first and very official team picture. Stay tuned for our crowdfunding campaign to start soon!