This week, after thorough planning, the general meeting of the science team took place. The goal was to introduce the new members to the project, but doing that by just giving a talk to the aspiring scientists? The Science Team Leaders had a much better idea...

Why not let them find out about the project and its most important points on their own? The newbies got the task to present the goals of this project in groups of about five - and they mastered this challenge with striking success! Take a look below at our future laboratory experts at work.

The team then proceeded to discuss the next steps: In January of next year, a scientific training will assure that those who don't have a lot of experience in the laboratory are well prepared for the months to come. In four groups, the beginners will then gather in-depth knowledge about a method relevant for our project - as for example how to design a RNA switch, or what happens during molecular cloning - and then present their skills to the rest of the team.

Many reasons to be excited about the year to come - stay tuned to follow our progress in realizing WormSpotter!