Investigating the unknown

Science is at the core of our project. As a multidisciplinary team, our goal is to tackle the scientific challenges awaiting us by learning from each other. We aim to develop a rapid and cheap diagnostic test for the early detection of T. solium infections.

We need

Experienced scientists (more than a year of lab experience):
We are always looking for motivated people who enjoy solving challenging scientific problems and mentoring beginner scientists. If you want to contribute with your ideas, your expertise and your time, we would like to hear from you!

Beginners (less than a year of lab experience):
We are looking for beginner scientists who like (to learn) lab-work with state-of-the-art methods and equipment. If you think that hands-on lab work is your thing and you are willing to dedicate some time to do exciting science, contact us!

We are diagnost-x

A team of dynamic people who collectively develop new solutions – initially with the goal of winning the iGEM-competition at MIT in Boston, currently expanding into many other areas and competitions. Get in touch at