Our webpage is loaded with sketches of our scientific plans and updates on labwork - but without funding, nothing would work! Philip is a medical student at the Charité and, more importantly for diagnost-x, a vital part of the Corporate Fundraising team. Read here about his experience in the team!

First things first: Why choose the diagnost-x team?
As a medical student, you often feel like your aim in life is learning by heart and reproducing. With diagnost-x, I am actually doing something - with a clear mission and the combined effort of many like-minded students. Nothing motivates more than seeing how far you get when you work together on a common goal!

What are your tasks in the Corporate Fundraising team?
Every project can only be as good as its funding. So we are basically speed dating companies - you only have only a few minutes to leave a good impression! But it's not only about being convincing, at the end of the day a deal is only really good when everyone leaves as a winner.

What was your most memorable moment as a fundraiser?
Your first cold call at a company is really a jump in at the deep end! The company has never even heard of you, and you cannot show any nervousness - with no previous experience, that was really exciting for me. But even now, adding some the big names of the Biotech industry to our list of sponsors is a great feeling, and keeps us going until we reach the funding goal.
Personally, what I gained from my work up to now is a quite simple truth: stepping out of your comfort zone and into areas you have not been prepared for is fully worth it!