This week, it was finally decided: after watching the Science Slam Berlin at the beginning of February, we are actually going to compete at the April Edition of this Event!

But what is a Science Slam actually, and where does it come from? The concept of Science Slams was developed in 2006 by German writer Alex Dreppec in Darmstadt. In only ten minutes, young scientists should present their work to a non-scientific audience in an informative and - most importantly - an entertaining way. And how to be entertaining is entirely up to the presenter: giving the most absurd examples? Definitely enjoyable! Explaining your research in a rap? Excellent! You can even make a whole performance out of it - as long as it does not exceed ten minutes.

The Science Slam is thus a novel means to communicate science, and its everything but dry - and in Berlin this concept has had great success: the Science Slam we are going to compete at will be the 57th of its kind at SO36! To us of course, the concept of "Science for everyone" is really important - after all, we're living proof that anyone, PhD or not, can be part of scientific development! Already we have a small team of "Slammers" assembled who are working to get our tapeworm test to the limelight - and it is going to be phenomenal!

If you want to find out whether we are going to disguise as tapeworms, present a diagnost-x rap or have a piece of theatre prepared, you should come and find out: on 3 April, at SO36 in Kreuzberg! Stay tuned for more news on this!