This week, the Diagnost-x team set out to bring their communication skills to perfection. And who better to ask than our partnering consultancy BCG?

Consultancies are famous for producing a tremendous amount of presentation slides - and very good ones indeed. Hoewever, people often tend to forget that those slides are not drafted as an end in itself. The actual purpose always is to trigger an effect in the audience - but who exactly is this audience aimed for?

Especially in an interdisciplinary project like Diagnost-x, this question is an essential one.On a sunny sunday morning on Charité campus, BCG Project Leader Dr. Matthias Gehder took a great effort to introduce members of the iGEM Team and other motivated students to the art of efficient communication.In 3 exciting hours we learned how to define a clear goal for our presentation and were able to practice the newly learned pyramidal structure for our story lines. It is fair to say that we all improved our skill set, had a lot of fun in a positive and productive atmosphere and can't wait to employ our new competence for the project!