Arriving at Riga for the Cystinet meeting

What’s new – Updates from Riga and Berlin

This week, we can report two major events - one of them took place in Riga: we had the chance to participate in the 1st 2017 working group meeting of Cystinet, the european network on taeniasis and cysticercosis. But also back home in Berlin we made great progress: we successfully established a protocol to detect trigger RNA with our sensor on a membrane!

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Written in hieratic Egyptian, it contains 110 pages.

Tapeworms in time: Ancient Egypt and the Ebers Papyrus

Humans have been prone to parasitic infections since the appearance of our species - among them infections with helminths, that is: intestinal worms. But how were these infections perceived by civilizations that could not explain them as we can today? How were patients treated? Let’s look back at one of the first civilizations from which written medical records remain: Ancient Egypt.

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