It's past mid-summer, and the preparations for the iGEM competition speed up! But with the competition getting closer, a lot of important decisions have to be taken...

How can we best implement the iGEM's "open access" guideline? How can we present our results, findings, and even failed experiments to the general public - in a way that will not only make the data accessible, but comprehensible and useful? Can new technology be of use here?
Another important question covers the more mundane parts of conducting a scientific project: how can we make sure we're funded until a prototype is ready? How many of our great team members will we be able to transport to Boston? Here, we came up with new ideas to make ends meet.

The project is definitely entering its hot phase - and we hope that Berlin summer will soon do the same ūüôā

AR Glasses for the lab!

Augmented Reality: Possible with ZapBox

Augmented Reality - Making global science possible?

Augmented reality is a concept that is thought to revolutionize enterntainment, and maybe even eductation - but what about science?

Science is in some ways as walking a tightrope: one wron step messes up the thing as a whole. As a large team, working in sub-teams responsible each for one specific part of the work, this got us thinking: what if we could actually go back through the process of each successful experiment and see if we did something differently? What if, instead of reading the instructions, we could actually show our lab newbies how to follow the protocol - and that without even being there?

Augmented reality - that is, smart glasses showing you the next step or recording critical steps - could increase efficiency for us by a lot. And even more, it enables cross-continental collaboration! There would be no need to be in the same lab in order to share experience about specific steps of an experiment. To make this vision reality, we took part in the kickstarter project "ZapBox", funding a novel and easy device for augmented reality. And now, a set of these glasses is on their way to us - and we are well on the way to the lab of the future!

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Rare takes and lab footage: our first video

Despite great sponsors and successful application to institutional funds, we still have not reached our funding goal - and this means not only that our great team would be underrepresented at MIT Boston, but even more that we might have trouble getting our sensors tested in the field before fall. So who to ask?

We decided to make a shout out to the crowd - sometimes many small contributions can get you far! And for a successful (and funny) crowd funding campaign, video material is indispensable.
In about a week, our last takes will be shot. Of course, the venue of shooting will be our home campus, the Charité Mitte - but we will have some special guests for the shooting that are not usually seen there... stay tuned to see the whole story in the video soon!

To make the wait shorter on you, take a glimpse at photos from movie takes (and outtakes).