More than 4 billion people live in areas affected by T. solium, a tapeworm that infects humans and can lead to epilepsy and blindness.

Infections often can not be diagnosed due to the fact that no cheap test exists. We developed a functining prototype for such a test. Here is how:


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Clinical Sciences
In benign cases, the parasite grows in the human gut and reaches a length of 2 to 8 meters. In serious cases it can migrate to the brain or the eyes and cause epilepsy and blindness.

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We are using a combination of bioinformatics and synthetic biology to develop Wormspotter, a cheap test for Taenia solium infection. Key technologies here are cell-free protein-synthesis systems and RNA-based ‘toehold-switches’.

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iGEM is an annual competition on synthetic biology with over 250 interdisciplinary teams from all over the world. The final presentation takes place at MIT in Boston.

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With diagnost-x, motivated young people from Berlin work together to bring Wormspotter to life.

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